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The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers detail the conditions required for a peal. Peals rung on five, six or seven working bells must consist of at least 5040 changes. For eight or more working bells a peal must comprise a minimum of 5000 changes. In addition each bell must be rung continuously by the same person without a break and the ringing must be done entirely from memory. Peals may be rung to commemorate special occasions and events.

To date 138 Peals have been rung at St. Peter's Great Totham. The first peal was rung on 26th October 1895 and performed by a band from Coggeshall. On 6th May 1899 the first peal was rung by members of the Great Totham band. The most recent peal was rung on 2nd November 2014 by six Essex Association ringers and comprised seven Minor Methods. This was in remembrance of Able Seaman Charles Henry Ballard the first Essex ringer to fall on 1st November whilst serving on HMS Monmouth. He was a loyal ringer at St.Peter's.

The Felstead Database records all peals rung but does not include details of the ringers or the occasion.

In the ringing chamber there are peal boards commemorating the following:
First peal at St. Peter's 26th October 1895.
First peal rung by St. Peter's ringers 6th May 1899.
Death of Queen Victoria 3rd February 1901.
Birthday of the conductor 24th August 1905.
Death of Mr. A Brockis 31st October 1933.
Death of King George V 27th January 1936.
Death of King George Vl 9th February 1952.
Ordination of Rev. Peter William Youle 24th January 1990.
100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 4th August 2000.
Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 15th September 2012.

In addition to the peal boards 4 peals and a date touch were rung between 1905 and 1912. These are recorded on cards in a picture frame hanging from the coat hooks. Of note is the peal rung on April 16th 1912 which was the first peal of Treble Bob on the bells. Click here for full details which open in a pdf file.

Quarter Peals
It takes approximately 40 minutes to ring a quarter peal on the
bells at St. Peter’s Church. A quarter peal comprises 1260 changes and is rung for special occasions, to mark the progress of the ringer and for enjoyment. The quarter peals rung at St. Peter's Church since 2013 where at least one member of the band was a Great Totham Ringer are listed below. In addition there are details of the bells rung for other significant occasions. To view the quarter peals and other ringing occasions click on the links below which open in a pdf file.

Quarter Peal 24th March 2013   

Quarter Peal 4th August 2014         Quarter Peal 7th December 2014 

Quarter Peal 8th February 2015       Quarter Peal 8th March 2015

Quarter Peal 21st April 2015           Quarter Peal 1st May 2015 

Quarter Peal 6th September 2015  Quarter Peal 29th November 2015

 Quarter Peal 26th April 2016         Quarter Peal 17th July 2016

Quarter Peal 26th March 2017       Quarter Peal 2nd April 2017  

Quarter Peal 7th May 2017 
Call Changes 19th May 2018         Quarter Peal 14th October 2018

Call Changes 11th November 2018   Rounds 11th November 2018

Quarter Peal 20th January 2019      Quarter Peal 3rd March 2019

Quarter Peal 7th April 2019            Quarter Peal 23rd April 2019

Quarter Peal 28th April 2019          Quarter Peal 28th July 2019

Quarter Peal 3rd March 2022          Quarter Peal 5th September 2022

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